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                Home - Company - Culture


                Corporate Culture: Unity, Innovation, Realism and Dedication

                Corporate philosophy: people-oriented honesty and trustworthiness

                The oath: unity and hard work pioneering and innovative dedication create brilliant

                Ad slogan: easy and quick feeling from the XMF tool

                Corporate philosophy

                We are a group of people who are passionate and responsible to customers. We emphasize the team, advocate win-win situation, be good at learning, innovate and serve sincerely to ensure that we can satisfy the users with more time and perfect process. Application requirements.


                Do sustainable development, high growth enterprises!

                Career building happy career home!

                Core value

                People-oriented, customer-focused, uphold integrity, longing for change, focus on performance

                Business philosophy

                ● "keen to grasp the trend of applications, quickly meet customer needs"

                ● focus on professional, target agglomeration

                ● Independent research and development, continuous innovation

                ● Continuous brand building● quality comes first

                Management concept

                ● Talent selection, training, use the first place

                ● Respect and trust every employee

                ● create a fair and equitable environment

                Create a learning organization

                ● Stick to principles and emphasize discipline

                ● work together

                Employment concept

                ● Both ability and political integrity, to Germany first

                ● meritocracy, employing director

                Ten criteria for employees

                ● diligent and dedicated

                ● proactive

                ● optimistic and confident

                ● honest and upright

                ● brave and loyal

                ● Persistence perseverance

                ● full of passion

                ● ownership

                ● love to learn

                ● emphasis on cooperation

                If you have any questions you can consult us
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